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Todlynn Or Tod if you want
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
"Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable"

"A failure is just the right way not to do something. Always look for a different route when one doesn't work. Never be upset. Just look at what happened, try to analyze, and see if another way would work instead. Failure is part of the fun. If all you do is succeed, life would be quite dull."

Top three arts thus far:
Freika by th3p1nkfr34k Raffle Prize: ChibiYvi by th3p1nkfr34k Dipika by th3p1nkfr34k


dA Username: Th3P1nkFr34k


Name: Todlynn


Nicknames and/or Preferred Names: Just nicknames: Tod, Toddy, Minigun, Pinky, Piglet, Snuggle Bunny
(Only my Waifu can call me Snuggle Bunny, and only my brother can call me Piglet)


Country: USA


Zodiac Sign: Aquarius (I think.)



Number of Past Accounts: Ah shit… like 5 I think.


Number of Past Usernames: I think 4. Two accounts were closely associated and therefore had pretty much the same name.


First Username: Oh god... Silver… something. I know Silver was in it somewhere. SilverFox maybe… I had that nickname for a while. At least I THINK that my first. Might have been the second.


Original Join Date:  I know I was 11 when I first joined. So some time in 06-07. Yep… I was underage but to be fair… I was a really stupid kid.


Premium Member? Nope. Don’t see the need for it.


Watchers: 140 (how?)


Deviations: 634


Favorites: 1,595



Favorite Digital Art Program: Paint Tool Sai


Favorite Traditional Art Medium:  Charcoal and Chalk Pastels


Favorite dA Artists: If I follow you, chances are you are a favorite of mine.


Favorite Movies: … I have no idea. But a movie I NEVER turn down is Miss Potter.


Favorite TV Shows: I honestly don’t have one. Just shows I enjoy from time to time.


Favorite Music Artists/Bands: Don’t have one. I find songs I like.


Fandoms You're Stuck In: Saints Row and Creepy Pasta. Can’t help the Creepy Pasta something I’ve loved for a long time. Cringe or not.




Sexual Orientation: Confused and Unsure.


Religious Affiliation: None 


Pets: A very fat, very cuddly cat, Raven


Number of Family Members in Household: 5-6. Me, my waifu, my step son, my grandmother, my brother, occasionally my mother.


Scars? Yeah quite a few. Surgery, injury, klutz


Tattoos? Planning. (Talking to a guy now)


Piercings? Ears twice.


Alcohol? Pinnacle Whipped Vodka with Strawberry Fanta and a hint of chocolate syrup. (Tastes just like chocolate covered strawberries IMO)


Drugs? None other than the ones my doctor gives me.


Height: 5'3 (I have been the same height since FUCKING MIDDLE SCHOOL…)


Weight: Like 180-200… My weight fluxes weirdly… I’m not sure why.





Digital or Traditional? Eh I like both equally I just do more digital.


Beach or Mountains? FUCK HEIGHTS AND FUCK THE OCEAN… but I’d rather be on a beach just keep me out of the water.


Dolphins or Sharks? FUCK THE OCEAN… Dolphins.


Would you rather fight 100 third graders or one at a time? One at a time.


On sunny days, you: Take my stepson to the park and play for awhile.


On rainy days, you: Go for a long quiet walk alone.


On hot days, you: Go get ice cream with my waifu and stepson and just relax.


On cold days, you: Stay inside and curl up under a mountain of blankets… I hate the cold.




    1.       My favorite (or at least most listened to) genre of music is modern country.

    2.       I’m love rainy days in summer.

    3.       I must follow a specific nighttime routine or I won’t be able to sleep. (Hot shower, glass of milk and a small snack, soft music for 20 minutes, spray my bed with lavender infused water, take my medicine, turn off my main lights, turn on my night lights, turn off my computer and any other electronics that are on, turn on my alarm on my phone, turn on my desk fan, make sure it’s pointed on me, lay down, count to 20, sleep)

    4.       I have arthritis in my hips and knees (THANKS DAD… It’s genetic apparently…)

    5.       I consider myself a “google taught” artist because I googled how to everything I can do.

    6.       I have an unreasonable and crippling fear of the dark (no seriously… it just sad.)

    7.       I like to sing along to the radio in the shower. (It annoys my brother because walls are thin and I sound like a dying cat)

    8.       My favorite meal is boiled sausage, macaroni and cheese, and cream corn. Give me that and you will have a very happy Tod on your hands.

    9.       I can’t stand silence. If it gets too quiet for too long I will start talking to myself just to have some type of noise. Ask anyone who knows me, I actually do this.

    10.   I have collected all kinds of dolls from Barbies to antique porcelain dolls for about 6 years now. I have way too many and walking into my room is like walking into a scene from a horror movie. (until I put all of them in storage when I moved… need to clean up and get them back out.)


How many OCs do you have? A lot...


What fandom do most of them belong to? Well none really. I guess maybe the only fandom I have a character for is Boss!Tim for Saints Row. He’s pretty much the only one I have created for an actual fandom. All others are just kind of there.


Which one is your favorite? ALL OF THEM. I LOVE THEM ALL


Which one do you draw the most? Ada. Without a fucking doubt Ada.


Do you request work of them? Yeah occasionally.


Do you ship them with other people's characters, or your own? Mostly my own BUT THERE HAVE BEEN MOMENTS... (If you ship one of your OCs with mine HIT ME UP and we'll see...)


Do you roleplay with them? Nope. I honestly dislike roleplaying. I find it annoying. Not against people who do, I just don’t like it.


How do you keep track of them? Lots of lists, folders, stories, and documents.


Are there any that you would make real if you had the chance? NO! OH DEAR GOD NO! I don’t want the obnoxious bunny lady, the narcissistic edgelord, the creepy demon-esque goddess, or the psychotic murderous gang leader in my reality. And all the side characters are just… FUCK NO! … Maybe Hibiki… she seems tolerable.



When did you get into art? Like 2nd grade. I went through a rough patch with my parents’ divorce and needed an escape. (Yes I got over it in due time. I hold no animosity towards the topic and have grown up to realize why it happened and that it was needed.)


What art-related sites have you ever signed up for? deviantART, tumblr… yeah, I think there was another but I forgot.


Show us your oldest piece of art you have on hand. obvious where I am pointing with this I hope.


[oldest on this account]


What defines your artistic style? Bright fucking eye bleeding colors. I like brights, neons, and high saturations even though I know a lot of people HATE them. I adore the brightness. I think that’s how to answer this.


What levels of artistic education have you had? Well I took a college drawing class but in all fairness, I didn’t actually pay attention.


Show us at least one picture you drew or sketched recently and didn't post on a public site

Welp… I post everything I draw so that’s like… nothing. If I find one I’ll share.


What do you like most about your art? It’s just for fun and things come out looking bright and gleeful.


What do you like least about your art? That half the time I don’t give a fuck and it’s just made for fun, so it looks lazy and amateurish and like a 5-year-old drew it.


Have you ever considered taking commissions?  Yeah. I don’t feel comfortable taking real money. I do commissions on Gaia Online for in game currency but that’s about it. I don’t feel I’m good enough to take real money for my work. Plus, I prefer to just do this as a hobby and taking real money would make it a profession. If someone offered me real money, rarely would I accept it. (I would say I have IRL friends who occasionally give me like $5 or a small gift for something I did for them but that’s the closest I’ve done to real money commissions)
Though I will do points commissions now. More just for fun and maybe use the points to hire other dA artists.


Are you looking to pursue a career in art? Nope. Pure hobbyist. I hate being told what to draw most of the time and if I made it a career I would end up hating what I love most.


What do you like drawing the most? Currently? Big curvy ladies. (I’m lowkey a giant pervert)


What do you like drawing the least? Large amounts of bones, mecha, or armor. I can’t EVER get them to look right.


Do you draw more fanart or original art? I say it’s an even split. Mostly because I consider drawings and portraits of my friends fanart.


What would you absolutely refuse to draw? Eh... at this point there isn't anything. Child porn is pretty much the only thing but that should be a given.


What is your purpose for drawing? To keep my mental sanity by giving me something to do so I don’t get so bored I decide to finally put a bullet in my head. I’m answering honestly even if it sounds like an edgelord answer. I find being left alone to my own thoughts with nothing to do tends to make my mind wonder into places I prefer not to go.


What medium/program do you use the most in your art? Paint Tool Sai and Charcoal


List at least one of your “art inspirations.” Joy. Like the emotion. If it makes me happy, chances are I’ll attempt to do something with it. Hence all the bright colors. While I seem like a depressed edgy bitch, I prefer to focus on happy and bright things. Dark and depressing subjects are harder for me to draw believe it or not. Which is why, though I’m a real Creepy Pasta fan, I rarely ever seem to draw them. It’s much harder for me to picture sad and dark things. Not impossible, just harder.


What do you think you could stand to improve on? Toning down the intensity of the colors I use. I like high saturations and neons too much, and I know most people tend to find them hard to look at and unpleasant, but I can’t help it seeing such brightness makes me smile. And animals. I can really only draw birds without serious heavy referencing. Everything else is a more secondary concern of mine. 

  • Listening to: The TV
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: I have no idea what this is
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Cake
  • Drinking: Water



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


Legal stuff is all taken care of and I'm back.
I was expecting that to take so much longer based on what we were dealing with... but life is full of surprises. 
I'm back bitches and I have... a lot on my To-Do list.
sign - Fuck F2U icon 
Yo I'm probably going to disappear for a day or two.
I have some family business to take care of with my Mama and I doubt its going to give me any free time to do much.
This business is kind of urgent so there isn't much I can do about it. I also can't really discuss it since it does pertain to some more serious legal matters about a deceased relative's estate.
MWUAH! Love you little freaks! Be back soon (I hope...)
I probably haven't seemed like myself these past 2 months mostly because I had a weird medical thing going on (not going into that a little too personal for the net) but it's finally been resolved and taken care of so hopefully in the next week or so, I can start getting back to feeling like myself and hopefully no longer be feeling horribly sick all the time AND FINALLY GET A LOT OF SHIT ON MY TO DO LIST FUCKING DONE HOLY FUCK THIS LIST IS LONG AS FUCK...
I just woke up my stepson and the neighbors dog because I screamed and rage quit a game...
Waifu is mad... it's a school night. I'm in trouble.
If you gonna rage quit a game when you have kids, do it quietly. 
Lucky Michael is easy to put back to bed. But still... not good to wake a sleeping kiddo. 


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